the stage

 photo : Florent Joliot


In October 2013, n + n Corsino opened SCENE44, a stage for choreographic creation and digital innovation, located in the Pôle Media centre in the Belle de Mai district of Marseille.


SCENE44 aims to perform three roles as:

- a centre for creative work that provides reception facilities for artists and researchers in residence,

- a cultural cluster that highlights and develops relations between artistic creation, research and digital innovation,

- a testing ground for shared creative experimentation.


Its actions, oriented towards a relationship with the living world and close to the idea of applied research, measure the viability and potential of a technology through its artistic treatment.


The programme of artists and researchers in residence is the subject of a presentation to target audiences in the form of workshops. 


The scenographic design of the digital stage and the production studios is based on mobility, the lightness of technological tools and their low energy cost. Portable technical image, sound and computer systems are used for adapting to the hosted projects.


From its beginning, SCENE44 was based on a partnership with the Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique (CNRS Mechanics and Acoustics Research Laboratory, Marseille) as part of the 10th international symposium on Computer Music and Multidisciplinary Research which brought together many international researchers and artists on the subject of Music and Motion. In this sense, collaborations will be developed with the Institut des Sciences du Mouvement, Etienne-Jules Marey, and the Institut des Neurosciences Cognitives as well as with players involved in the arts on national and international levels.