SELF PATTERNS  de n+n Corsino is the first-ever choreographic navigation in augmented reality.
This application for Apple Store and Google Play offers a dozen short choreographic sequences full of play, fantasy and humour.


SILENCE[S],a national programme proposed by the National Theatre of Chaillot, is echoed in Marseille on 12 and 13 October with SILENT PARTY, initiated by SCENE44. n + n Corsino.

Between the lines
Topologies de Soi

n + n Corsino invited as guest choreographers to direct a Cartographie, Chorégraphie workshop with students from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles.

November 2015

Signs,Surfaces and the instant

An encounter by n + n Corsino and Aurora Museum - Festival Croisements Shanghai - 24rd May - 27th July 2014

Bangalore fictions

Following the principle of a graphic novel, text and images fuse together in a hybrid form in a narrative process and generate imaginary/conceptual body movements.
A series of 12 fictions plays on these notions and becomes the basis of the choreographic motif.
In its artistic process, this work incorporates the development of technological tools and resources specific to digital tablets - 2013


Extérieur jour

Extérieur Jour, fenêtre ouverte sur le monde [Day Exterior, window open onto the world] is a production created as part of the programme of events for Marseille-Provence European Capital of Culture 2013.


Premiered in Marseille’s Muséum d’histoire naturelle, Palais Longchamp, as part of the Festival de Danse et des Arts Multiples, Marseille – 2011


Choreographic sequences produced for iPad in Trieste, in counterpoint to MUES 2010

soi moi

A sensitive navigation in harmony with the iPhone – 2009

Seule avec loup

Premiered at the Centre Pompidou as part of the Agora festival, IRCAM – 2006

Heightened fictions

Presented from October to November 2006 on the screens of the South Korean Telecom building. This tower block designed by Rem Koolhaas contains led screens that follow its  external and internal architecture. n + n Corsino were the first European artists to create works for these surfaces.

Cartographie, Chorégraphie

n + n Corsino invited as guest choreographers to direct a Cartographie, Chorégraphie workshop with students from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie in Arles and from the Photography Department of Paris 8 University.

10, 11 & 12 December 2012

La scène dans tous ses états

December 2007

amorces intimes

Premiered at the Contemporary Art Biennial Shanghai - Festival de Danse et des Arts Multiples de Marseille – 2004

scénarios de papier

n + n Corsino, guest choreographers at ENSAD, Manufacture des Œillets, produced this film as part of the Clothing Department (3rd year) - 2002. 

Topologies de l instant

Fifteen choreographic navigations created for the MAC, Marseille Museum of Contemporary Art in 2001 - 2002. The 2,500 m2 exhibition space was designed for the presentation of these installations. 

2002 - 2004: Shanghai Museum of Fine Art, Guangdong Museum of Fine Art, Canton, Hong Kong Museum of Fine Art (French May). Moscow, Museum of Architecture, Choussev.

captives (2nd mouvement)


Previewed at the Festival International de Montpellier Danse in 1999. The first-ever choreographic fiction in 3D

captives (1er mouvement)

A choreographic fiction filmed almost entirely in Hangar 13 of Marseille’s industrial port, on location, with natural daylighting. 1998

De la vitesse des éventails

This work, first created in Vietnam in 1997, is composed by the kinetics of bodies and landscapes. 


Hip Hop Hérimoncourt - 1997


Public commission by the Délégation aux Arts Plastiques, premiered at the Centre d’Art Contemporain of Ferme du Buisson - 1996 


The first choreographic fiction using the Life Forms software – a project completed in Vancouver with a Villa Médicis extramural bursary – 1995

Jérôme Andrews, forwards and backwards

Portrait of Jerome Andrews, the American dancer, choreographer and teacher, born in 1908, who pioneered modern dance in France from the 1950s. 1994

Circumnavigation - Vancouver

n + n have always placed singular gestures and body movements in an environment that mixes real elements, the architecture of cities and of places crossed by imaginary bodies… Patrick Amine  1993

Circumnavigation - Vigo

The image is a character, a movement, a body. Light fully illuminates all the film’s picturality, at top speed. 1993

Circumnavigation - Lisbonne

Here, there is not really any linear narrative, and the image itself deconstructs its own representation of movement. 1992

Circumnavigation - Riga

Seaboard locations places form a succession of stages linked by the viewpoint; the fiction of plastic forms breaks with the ordering of the space crossed… 1992


Circumnavigation - Rotterdam

The passage across the boundary from one to the other takes place through the body’s postures, movement in space and light... 1991

Circumnavigation - Trieste

Circumnavigation is an undoubtedly discreet homage to Joyce and to Ulysses, the novel that he started in Trieste. 1991

Circumnavigation - Marseille

Seven cities punctuate this fiction: Marseille, Trieste, Rotterdam, Riga, Lisbon, Vigo and Vancouver - 1991

211 jours après le printemps

This invented mythology takes place on the island of Stromboli. Filming started in mid-October, on the 211th day after the beginning of spring. 1990

Un avion presque au milieu du lac

The flow of time, water and dance like an aerodynamic vanishing line. 1989

Le pré de Mme Carle

The meadow is a written space: it is a pretext for choreographic themes that are related to its cartography. 1988

Anna de la côte

In homage to Italo Calvino... 1986